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This is a page of some tools I've made. After migrating from MythTV 0.21 to 0.27 many of my old tools became redundant and now I'm making some new ones.

MythTV Telnet/Perl/Tk Remote Control

A Perl/Tk + Telnet network remote control    [Download ZIP]

This is a mousable remote control that talks to a MythTV MythFrontend using the MythTV Frontend Control Socket and the Perl Net::Telnet and Perl/Tk modules.

I can put aside my physical remote when I'm at my desk.

The Perl/Tk graphic control calls a command-line Perl script that uses Net::Telnet, so you could make your own graphic interface to use that script or add new features to the script.

In my case the +Rerec and +Next buttons do a Delete and then extra keypresses to rerecord or play the next (chronologically) recording.

The FCS is very fast and robust so buttons can be pressed as fast and as often as on a physical remote. Actually faster: some complex actions require sleep()s to pause and let the backend do what it needs to before moving on, even on my much-newer hardware.

I also use the CLI script bound to a few of the multimedia keys on my desktop keyboard so I can control playback while I'm typing something. Handy for working while a sports event is on.

Now that I'm using MythTV 0.27 there's a newer interface to a web server built into the MythBackend that might be better to use but I haven't researched it much. I'm currently tinkering with the original that's in the link above to make it faster now that I have hardware on the Backend that can keep up with rapid keypresses that do things that used to befuddle it. Also, when I upgraded my desktop from Fedora 18 to 20 I had to disable the custom icon it had - I'd like to fix that.

Ask me if there's anything new.      Will MythTV be Quiet for the Next N Seconds?

There are cases in which I want to know if my MythTV machine is (or will be) quiet so I can run a script like to do janitorial work on the database. This script checks whether the MythBackend or MythFrontend is busy (or will be) in some way that might be touching the database and returns a Quiet/Busy message to a calling script so it can decide what to do.

Still in testing before I commit it to anything really important and make it download-ready, but it's passed several tests. Ask me for a copy.

MythTV Storage Directories report

MythTV Storage Directories Reporter    [Download ZIP]

With 2 large storage disks I can use MythTV's Storage Groups to spread recordings across those disks, handy for doing multiple simultaneous recordings. Since I only watch recorded TV I use the Default group with two defined Storage Directories, one for each disk.

However, I was curious about how recordings were spread across the disks so I wrote a script to use the Services API to query the recordings database so I could count, summarize, and report on recordings in each Directory.

Seems to do everything I want, and it found some recordings shortened by failure before I got around to watching them, so that was handy.

See what it produces.

Updated 2016.05.18.


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