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What's a DVP/PVR?

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A DVR (Digital Video Recorder), or PVR (Personal Video Recorder) is little more than a computer with a TV tuner that takes an analog or digital signal and records it to a file on a hard-drive, so you can play it back.

There are several benefits to having a DVR, the #1 being watching TV on your terms.

  • Time-Shifting: No longer do you need to be home at the right time. Schedule a recording and then get on with life. Watch it when you want.

  • Explore more programming. Try it out, dislike it, delete it. Little time lost.

  • Skip aimless (and usually unsatisfying) channel surfing. Make your programming choices in advance, according to your interests, and you'll have a supply of shows you want to watch when you want to watch them.

  • Watch at your pace. Need to hit the fridge or the bathroom? Hit Pause and TV will wait for you.

  • Review what you missed or want to see again. TV with your own Instant Replay! Missed that phone number or website address? Rewind and Pause and get a pencil and paper.

  • Skip what you don't want. Want to watch a football game quickly? Use the Skip button at each whistle and it's almost like watching game tape, without announcer and commercial filler. Don't want to wait through the intermission? Skip forward over it.

  • Watch in (consumer) peace. Commercial skipping is not likely to be available for appliance DVRs, but with software DVRs (especially MythTV) you can win the battle for your attention. No more political or hammer-your-ears ads.


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