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This is my site for one of my favourite Linux applications: MythTV, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). In October of 2006 I took the plunge, bought a machine, a capture card, downloaded MythTV and settled in for an afternoon of Googling, installing, and configuring. (Well actually a few afternoons, and evenings, as I tried various things, including a couple Windows DVRs.) Nine years later I take it for granted that I can watch TV the way I do, and I would never go back to just a plain old TV.

2015.08.30 : Finally a new MythTV machine, after almost 9 years of appliance-like service, running 24/7 since October 2006 except for two 6-month periods when I was down south It's still all analog SD but with new horsepower I have room to add digital, maybe OTA HD, and nerd-out on new features and capabilities.

2015.10.19 : digital and HD with a new STB, a whole new world of nerding-out.


Welcome     The main page for Jerome's MythTV World.
What's a DVR/PVR?     What a DVR/PVR is and why you might want one.
What is MythTV?     Explains what MythTV is about.
Why MythTV?     Why I chose MythTV.
Could MythTV be for me?     How MythTV could (not) be for you.
My MythTV     Describes my MythTV setup.
How I Use MythTV     How I use MythTV to enjoy TV again!
Some MythTV Tools     Tools I've modified or made for my own MythTV use.

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